Elina Treija: It is important to maintain the desire of our citizens to raise more children

Freedom of movement has been a catalyst to compete between EU member states not only with the labour markets, but also with the security and support systems for their citizens.
The young people seek well-paid jobs as well as favourable conditions to establish families and bring up children, that is why they often vote “on foot” for a country where the family support system serves as a persistant security and assistance pillow. The amount of services available to the family plays a growing role on the size of the family.
It is particularly important for a small nation-state to maintain its citizens’ desire to raise more children and even more important to do everything so that people can afford it.
Let's share the experience on implementing most valued family support instruments!
I hope that the recommendations gathered in the Forum will be heard also outside of Latvia, helping to understand family needs and to choose solutions to meet them in the most effective way!