In the upcoming decades we can expect significant change sin the European demographic processes.

The decrease in births, the aging of society and migration could become a serious problem not only for Latvian, but for the the whole European economical development. In the last 15 years the number of Latvians aged to 18 years has decreased by 40%.
Knowing that the worsening of demographic situation is a challenge for many European country development, the strengthening of families, the improvement of their quality of life and social security should be the most important priority of European countries.

Each country has its own experience and its future visions. Some countries have reached spectacular achievements in regards to demography and social politics, while others reasonably talk about a deep crisis situation. It is time to think about the children – personally, nationally and globally – as well as to share knowledge and come up with common goals. With a common understanding and support we can create an environment where our children will feel safe and assertive.